Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is Your "Leader" an Alpha Asshole?

People who run focus groups hate Alpha Assholes.

But first you ask, what is an alpha asshole? An alpha asshole is usually a guy, who, in a focus group, basically takes control by being the loudest meanest SOB about the product being tested / judged. They think this is what the sponsors wanted to hear. The rest of the group, being mostly herd animals, polite and all, just go along meekly.

Alpha assholes end up being both an asshole and an alpha leading the focus group. Sponsors HATE alpha assholes because they skew the results toward the negative because the real opinions of the group were overwhelmed by the alpha asshole's opinion.

In MLM, your upline / leader / sponsor may be an alpha asshole.

There is a fine line between being an alpha (leader) vs. an alpha asshole. A leader leads a group toward something better. An alpha asshole mainly leads because nobody spoke up.

Ever know people who basically talk over you, pretended that you said yes even when you said no, refuse to listen to your corrections, and you realized that you should have just left them talking to themselves? Imagine half a dozen of you together, listening meekly to the alpha asshole.

The only way to defeat an asshole is to deny them the respect they demand.
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