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Bad Argument: "They are all liars!"

All Marketers Are Liars
All Marketers Are Liars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the ways the suspicious scheme perpetrators use to keep the minions in line and discredit the critics and victims is a very simple denial: "they are all liars!"

No logic needs to be presented. They are liars. Ignore them.

Clearly, this only works for "victims" who refuse to admit that they are victims, and thus are emotionally involved and thus not letting logic work through the problem, such as

  • "Where's the proof that they are liars?"
  • "Why would they lie?"

And so on and so forth.

Frankly, any one whose reaction to a customer complaint is "the customer is a lying SOB" (without even a "wow, I have to look into it") does not deserve your money.

While I recognize there are alternate interpretations of the evidence and facts available, there is such as thing as "the truth" (and the quotes are not there as sarcasm).

It is up to you, the readers to recognize what is the truth, and what is "spin" (i.e. interpretations of the truth), and what is a "reasonable" interpretation (and who is not being reasonable).

In a lot of the "they are liars" interpretation, the complainers are portrayed as con men, cheaters, etc., but without supporting documentation, such as receipt or proof of payment / delivery.

Yet the first one to appear assertive (i.e. counter-attack) is often believed by people who don't want to make up their own mind, but rather believe in someone else, i.e. "sheeple".

This is a often-used crowd control tactic. Zeek Rewards used it in its final days when they claimed they have located the person maligning their company in the local credit union and silenced him (implying he was disciplined). Less than a few weeks later they were shut down by the SEC.

When someone accuses the other party of being a liar, check for proof. Often, the first accuser is the actual liar, known as "preemptive moral strike".

Read this story from Consumer Watchdog of Botswana about "they are all liars".

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