Saturday, January 19, 2013

When in Doubt, Consider Doing... Nothing

One of the tactics scammers have to make you pay up is to goad, tease, entice, push, or otherwise force you into making a decision quickly, without giving you any time or reason to think things over. They need to get your money TODAY, not tomorrow, not week from now. They will always have a few cliches such as

  • Just do it
  • No fear
  • Early bird gets the worm
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Too much thinking, not enough doing
  • He who dares, wins. 
and so on and so forth. 

You may recognize a lot of these, but those are referring to procrastination and laziness, NOT careful contemplation and evaluation of the factors involved in the decision. 

This is such a prevalent state of mind, philosophers covered it. 

To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual.—Oscar Wilde

Clearly, scammers don't *want* you to be intellectual, if they want to push you into action (i.e. join their scheme).

They clearly want you to be as stupid as possible. And they want to keep you that way.

One way to keep you stupid is to give you a lot of busy work activities, so your mind is occupied and don't have time to think about how dumb your decision was. This is what psychologists call a "manic defense", that the mind is trying to avoid something by engaging in a series of maniacal activities, even at leisure / relaxation times.

However, there are two types... internal and external. Internal manic defense is something you built yourself... it's a coping mechanism you created to deal with your situation. External manic defense is actually a distraction technique. You're sent on a series of what's basically wild goose chases or "snipe hunts" so you don't have time to think about whether this "opportunity" is really for you or not. You are, instead, sent to accompany happy people who'll gladly clone you into versions of them... happy robots pushing this scheme spending money for dreams of making money.

Furthermore, these "busywork" will have you believing their fiction that you actually worked for your money, when it's clearly NOT that activity that is generating your income. Zeek rewards is a prime example: how does posting ONE little ad anywhere on the Internet a day generate 1.5% DAILY ROI? It does not. It's busywork. Yet it has people believing that they are "Internet Ad Executives" (right, and janitors are "sanitary engineers")

When you're being goaded into action, often, the smartest course is to do NOTHING.

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