Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy 50 Million Downloads to WOT

Web of Trust, or WOT, recently celebrated their 50 million-th download.

WOT is a browser plug-in that you install, where you can see what other users say about this website you will be visiting, and the links. You don't want to visit any of the "red" ones, for example.

Actually, that happened back on October 29th, 2012, but I just found out, okay?

Previously, WOT was mentioned here as a way for you to cut through the **** that was all over the Internet, and basically has four grades: red, yellow, green, unknown.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of MLMers out to abuse this system.

For example, before Zeek was closed down back in August 2012, WOT rated ZeekRewards and Zeekler "red", and a flood of Zeekheads started spamming the ratings hoping to influence the ratings to at least yellow. Unfortunately for the spammers, MyWot has a group of moderators who noticed this spamming and immediately filtered them out. Sorry, stuffing the ballot box is not allowed.

That doesn't stop the spammers from stuffing the ratings over at a similar service offered by McAfee,  Symantec (Norton), and Trend Micro.

It's even MORE hilarious when the company themselves begs you to give it good ratings or such on Alexa and such, then touts the ratings as if it's some magical validation of their business. (See entry on Wazzub)

If you haven't loaded WOT on your browser yet... you should. It may save you from clicking on the wrong link and get a virus, or such.

Go to and download your own copy.

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