Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Zeek Rewards Update, and a Lesson to All

Previously, we've reported on a Zeek Rewards affiliate who got one of the 1200 "top earner" subpoenas to report their income and perhaps come to a settlement. This guy instead decided to take a hostile approach... he filed a document with the court to quash the subpoena, and basically called the receiver (a pretty famous lawyer) a criminal who can't serve a subpoena properly.

The receiver today retaliated by sending a subpoena FROM FLORIDA, this guy's home state, and "93 miles" as required within 100 miles from the procedure. This time, it's sent via both USPS Next Day and FEDEX, so there's no excuse that he didn't receive it, and there's no excuse that it's not served with in 100 miles of him this time. Apparently this guy forgot that the Receiver works for a large lawfirm which has branch offices all over. THIS document WAS issued by a court "local" to him (within 100 miles).

Wonder if he can still mail in his response, or does he have to DELIVER it in person this time?

Which is a lesson to all: don't play legal word-mincing games with an ATTORNEY. They know the law better than you do.

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