Saturday, November 24, 2012

Self Deception and Woo (and MLM)

Self-Deception is one of the most dangerous forces in the world... If you can lie to yourself, and convince yourself of it, then it's no longer a lie (to you, at last). After all, if you don't believe in yourself, who *can* you believe in? Thus, if you lie to yourself, i.e. practice self-deception, there is no telling what sort of harm you will do, not only to yourself, but to everybody around you.

Unfortunately, once you have convinced yourself of your own lie, it is very difficult for you to extricate yourself from it, because this means admitting to yourself (and everybody else around you) that you were wrong, and most of us just have way too much pride to do so.

Sometimes, the "sin" is merely promotion of "woo", such as those "magnetic bracelets" or some "super-duper-hyper juice" that is somehow good for everything under the sun (and moon, and stars). If you believe somehow that it works, and you bought it, then you will cheerfully say things like "ever since taking / using _____ I feel much more energized! Thanks! I would recommend this to anybody!" without considering whether you really really believe this stuff works, or simply because you WANT to believe it works.

It's one thing for you to use it, as the only thing it hurts is your wallet. It's another thing completely to actively sell it to others, and trying to convince them, the way you convinced yourself, that it works great.

And it's yet ANOTHER thing to convince them so you can pocket profit, either from they BUYING it, or further, from them SELLING it to other people.

All just because you *want* to believe it works, but you don't really have proof that it works. Later on, you *have* to believe it works, because you can't sell a product you don't believe in. You are now both emotionally AND financially involved. So, are you really selling the product, or your dream?

ROCKST★R energy drink
ROCKST★R energy drink (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Don't believe what you're selling is woo? Let's start with something that everybody knows... Energy drinks.

Everything from Monster to Rockstar to Red Bull to "5 hour energy" and such... all are loaded with stimulants. Do they really give you energy? Somewhat. At least they give you perception of energy. Part of which is placebo, part of which is no better than a cup or two of coffee.

But did they tell you that energy drink can KILL people? No? Maybe you should read this.

The weirdest thing: "5-hour energy" maker does NOT consider their product to be energy drink, because they come in tiny servings.

Are they just being weasel, or do they sincerely believe that? As that's dangerous close to self-deception.

But then, there are Ponzi schemes out there that insist they are not investments, when they surely are. And millions of people believe them (or simply don't care) and put in their own money ANY WAY.

Both corporate and participants are quite guilty of self-deception.

And who are you going to blame for self-deception?

Yourself, of course. Unless you choose to blame everybody else... but that's not going to be helpful if you don't acknowledge your own role in this.


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