Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Magicians and Applied Psychology

Psychology Today interviewed Alex Stone, magician and author, and they discussed why magic and cons are linked by long history.

What do con artists and magicians have in common? Why are con artists the only ones we consider artists?Many of the techniques used by magicians were developed by, or in tandem with, grifters and hustlers and con artists. Magic and cons are kindred arts.
You note that “magic is inseparable from deception.” Can you elaborate?Because magic is basically a form of cheating for amusement, to borrow a cadence from the great 19th century French conjuror Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin. 

Would you have believed in Paul R. Burks, who once performed as "the singing magician", that Zeek is perfectly profitable and will make you oodles of money, if you had known he was a magician?

Read the full interview of Alex Stone here:

And check out Book by Alex Stone: 

Fooling Houdini

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