Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zeek Aftermath News Update

After death of Zeek, life continues...

Paul R. Burks, head of Zeek, may have ties to Louisiana Politics

And how did Nash Dunn, the reporter, happen onto this story of a lifetime

Somebody left their Zeek PR machine on zombie life-support. This was just released on 04-SEP-2012

Supposedly some fans of Bidify posted a video that says some rather famous fan of Zeek is going to jail as a part of criminal conspiracy. Phooey. That's pot calling the kettle black.

pot calling the kettle black
pot calling the kettle black (Photo credit: marktcorbin)

Some Zeek heads reported that their credit card was STILL being charged, albeit 2 weeks late.


State of Maine issues advisory to all consumers to check their credit card for transactions regarding ZeekRewards.

And there may be victims of Zeek scam all the way over in Borneo, Indonesia

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