Sunday, September 2, 2012

BAD EXAMPLE: Ad hominem attack AND changing the subject

When a troll strikes, and attempt to derail a conversation, don't expect any logic, as the following example shows. These comments are posted on

Note the complete change of subject. When I answered his blah blah on how one is susceptible to propaganda, I asked doesn't that apply to himself. He changed the subject completely and tried to troll the subject of race. Throw in a couple more ad hominem attack with some pretense of logic, and it's rather humorous to read.

This guy rapid-fired about 10 comments, all of them basically proclaiming bigotry, but claiming to be fighting propaganda, big government, so on and so forth. Which basically lead him to be banned by the admin as he's just trolling. This is merely one of them.

The way you deal with trolls is don't feed them with anger. Just act bemused, and answer his insults with light mockery. Trolls don't like being toyed with. Either they'll do something so idiotic to get banned, or they realize they can't get reaction and leave.

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