Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How did a scam become a cult?

About 2 weeks ago (18-AUG-2012) the American SEC shut down ZeekRewards as a $600 million Ponzi scheme. The owner plead no contest and gave up the company to the Feds and 4 million in his bank account (obtained from the Ponzi).

I have been speaking out against this potential scam since April 2012, and since then I've received death threats, "warnings", and even cyberattacks as well as a legal threat which temporarily knocked my review offline for 6 days.

So it is especially sad to see people who STILL believe in Zeek, even after the Feds shut them down. The following is an actual sign posted on Zeek shuttered HQ's window.

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Zeek is one of the outliers of Ponzi... snaring up to 1 million victims. While money-wise it comes nowhere close to Bernie Madoff or Alan Stanford's Ponzis, those went after rich people. Zeek went after the middle class, the everyman, the average Joe and Jane, that could be you, your friends, your family.

Even now, some are still dreaming (both in and out of the US), about how Zeek is the best business they have been in, and please restart so they can make more money.

While other bloodsuckers are quick to offer "rescue plans" and such to Zeek victims enticing them with "make back what you lost" and similar verbiage.

Then there are the really deluded people that wants to sue the Federal government, and restart Zeek. And guess what, they want your donations.

All these are classic CULT behavior: redefining words, thinking in black and white, us vs. them, change of goals, plans and priorities, euphoria, denial of any new information, esp. those that contradict their world view... etc.

Without a doubt, Zeek became a cult.

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