Saturday, May 5, 2012

Investigating IBC Travels... looks like a TVI Express clone

A Clone of My Own
A Clone of My Own (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When you plan to join acompany, you don't want to see any link between it and a known scam, such as TVI Express, which was busted in Australia, China, Indonesia, USA, and many more countries.

So when a company goes through quite a bit of effort to hide such links, you should probably become VERY VERY interested in WHY would they do so.

The more someone try to hide something, the more interested investigators get. This is sometimes known as the "Streisand effect" (named after Barbara Streisand, who tried to suppress aerial photo of her house by suing a website, but instead inspired people to download the photos even more, thus achieving the opposite effect).

IBC Travels is such a new "opportunity", and it is desperately hiding its link to TVI Express... and failing.

There are sufficient links to prove that it was found by ex-TVI Express folks in Kazahkstan known as "United TVI Express", with the same pattern: headquarters in one country, registered in some other country, server in a third country, no leadership or company owners shown, domain by proxy, vague statements about combining travel with internet. They both even have an "advisory council".... and lots of other similarities.

There is no doubt that IBC Travels is a TVI Express clone, and you can find all the proof here:

[ IBC Travels: a real travel and income opportunity, or just a clone of proven scam? ]
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