Sunday, January 27, 2019

Why You Should Not Follow Youtube Health Advice: who is the "Drugless Doctor" on Youtube?

If you look on Youtube for health advice, you may have come across Dr. Bob DeMaria, who goes by the moniker "Drugless Doctor", and sometimes, "Dr.Bob".

The problem is, he never got an MD. The closest credential he got was a chiropractic degree he got from the "National College of Health Sciences" (now National University of Health Sciences) back in 1978.

Bob mentioned in his LinkedIn profile that he went to Clayton College for further studies. What he did not mention was that Clayton College of Natural Health was NOT an accredited school, does mostly distance learning, and closed in 2010 instead of seeking accreditation, and was sued by students who got neither degree nor refund. Indeed, one investigation by the state turned up someone who managed to obtain FOUR diplomas from this school over 14 month period: BS, MS, Ph.D., AND "Doctor of Naturopathy".

Clayton College is also known for selling their founder's nutritional supplements "Doctor Clayton's Naturals", from minerals and vitamins to homeopathic remedies.

But that's not the most disturbing thing about Bob DeMaria (I refuse to call him doctor)...

The most dangerous part about Bob is Bob gives medical advice on Youtube from the utterly ridiculous to ones that can literally KILL YOU. Among his past claims:

When challenged by a British skeptic to provide peer-reviewed studies to support his anti-GMO views and his research on chlorella, Bob's reaction is to delete all of the skeptic's comments.

But he will gladly sell you some nutrition (-al supplements) that he claims are not drugs, but will help you nonetheless, for whatever that ails you, including ADHD (which is obviously, NOT a part of chiropractic studies), not to mention a lot of OTHER stuff unrelated to chiropractics.

Bob DeMaria's website where he'll sell you plenty of stuff
NOT related to chiropractic, the only thing he's certified in

Why would anyone trust his non-chiropractic advice? Are they all dazzled by his (not) doctor demeanor?

My skeptical advice to you is to NEVER follow any medical advice you got on social media and Youtube. Youtube is great for DIY mechanical stuff, but complete garbage when it comes to health.

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