Friday, August 25, 2017

IPro Network One Month Update: still no proof of any original claims

More than a month ago, I highlighted some spurious claims by (over-)enthusiastic IPro Network members claiming that some famous personalities have "endorsed" IPro Network.

Two anon comments were left claiming I know nothing, blah blah blah, but left NO evidence to rebut any of the observations. I invited them to leave publicly verifiable evidence, not "I know the secret call me" or "my friend told me" evidence.

It has been about a month, and I haven't gotten a single reply.

So I decided to go search for some myself. Is there any news that Kevin Harrington endorses IPN?

Google says... nope. Indeed, there is ZERO mention of Kevin Harrington with ANY sort of cryptocurrency or blockchain opportunity in the entire 2017 when searched via Google News.

Instead, it appears that in 2017, Kevin Harrington is jumping into soap, cannabis, marine phytoplankton (sea scum), and horse racing, not to mention lending his name to entrepreneur bootcamps and invention services. But nothing about cryptocurrency, and definitely not IPN.

Indeed, the ONLY webpages that mention Kevin Harrington and IProNetwork together are IPro Network members webpages (or social media) and event listings that mention his one-time appearance.

Yet this tweet is still there:

And here's a claim that Kevin Harrington has "JOINED" with Pro Currency Team (i.e. IPro Network)

"Kevin Harrington from the Original hit TV show (Shark Tank) Joins
With Pro Currency Team (IProNetwork)..." claims G+ post

I am still waiting for the evidence, guys.


  1. Why should it matter to anyone that some shithead celebrity endorses something?

    1. Reputation by association fallacy, i.e. "if XYZ is with ABC, ABC can't possibly be illegal / bad / whatever"

    2. Harrington is considered an expert in retail. ProCurrency is about integrating ProCurrency into retail and specifically ecommerce.

      Kevin Harrington has a vast number of products that he has helped develop over the years, and those will be purchasable with ProCurrency.

    3. "will be purchasable with Procurrency"

      Now you're just making **** up. KH doesn't own all those products. He doesn't have a say whether their merchants will accept some new-fangled currency he happened to be associated with.

  2. I was on a Webinar call with Kevin Harrington just a couple weeks ago. And, he was at a company sponsored event stating that he is on the board and backing ProCurrency.

    There are plenty of videos on youtube the show Kevin Harrington talking about ProCurrency.

    1. On the board of what, exactly? Apart from iPro press releases, there's ZERO coverage.