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Can you trust this new company called TresMore? Investigation Part 1

Recently, MLMSkeptic came upon something called TresMore. It sparked my interest because it is heavily marketed toward Asians, with a Chinese name 特利多 (te-li-duo, lit: special profit plenty) and websites in Taiwan, China, and even Malaysia, this thing was basically promising $$$$ for merely shopping, which, as you can imagine, can't possibly work. The premise of paying 20% of retail value just to get your shopping data makes absolutely no sense! Even supermarkets and such don't give you 20%... more like... 2% and coupons.

In fact, this is almost an exact clone of a suspect scheme call Saivian. You can do research on that yourself. Or just read the BehindMLM review.

Researching Tresmore

First, let's look up  Wow, all these "business partners", eh?

Screencap of  official Tresmore website. Claims all these
 are business partners. But which ones are real, and which ones are fake? You may be
surprised at the results, once we do a little research, and you can verify for yourself. 
But which one is real? And which ones are pretenders? Let's look a little closer.

TresMore address is 3235 Satellite Blvd, Ste 290, Duluth, GA 30096

That means they rent an office from that building. Suite 290, remember?

Now let's look up their corporate info via Georgia State Website

Registered 3/11/2017 by Chae Chang, why 290B vs 290?
What about filing history?
Well, there is a Tresmore LLC... registered March 2017 by a Chae Chang. Hmmm...  However, if you go into filing history and access the company formation papers, you'll see another name, Sang Lee.

Two people responsible, a Chae Chang, and a Sang Lee, for Tresmore. 
Let's go down the list. So what is EsolutionTG? (item 1)

Researching eSolutionTG

If you go through a similar process above, you'll find it was registered 11/21/2014 by Seongya Kim and its address is in Suwanee GA. It listed only ONE organizer: Seongya Kim.

Indeed, if you go into // About Us // Our History, it will explain everything, which, remember, I didn't write all this. THEY DID.

Indeed, if you go to, it will show the following, as they admitted themselves:

  • Our Clients: ThanksDigit, TM POS LLC, TMWellBeing, TresMore
  • Our Subsidiary Companies: EsolutionTG, TM POS, TMWellbeing, TM Pro Consulting, Thanks Trucking, TresMore, Thanksdigit, ThanksPayout
  • Our Brands ThanksMatrix, Go7Shop, GoLawCase, TM University, eu-Bliss, de-hygion, ThanksBless
Which can be summarized below in pretty neat list:
  • eSolutionTG -- master company, B2B IT development, registered by Seongya Kim in 2014
  • ThanksMatrix -- BRAND only, backend CRM system w/ MLM comp plan
  • Go7Shop -- BRAND only, B2C e-commerce system w/ MLM comp plan
  • TM POS INC -- "client", systems integration consulting, registered by Sanggon Lee in 2015
  • TMWellbeing -- "client", home MLM, registered by Sean Lee and Chae Chang in 2016
  • Eu-Bliss -- BRAND only, skin cream sold by TMWellbeing
  • TM Pro Consulting -- unknown, company NOT in Georgia, may be in Korea?
  • Thanks Trucking -- unknown, company NOT in Georgia, may be in Korea? 
  • TresMore -- "client", cashback for using credit card and referrals, registered by Chae Chang and Sang Lee in March 2017
  • ThanksDigit -- "subsidiary", either asset management or crypto-mining, registered by Chae Chang and Sean Lee in March 2017
  • ThanksPayout -- "subsidiary", e-payment processor registered in UK 
  • GoLawCase -- BRAND only, ThanksMatrix optimized for lawyers
  • ThanksBless -- BRAND only, ThanksMatrix optimized for religious organizations
  • De-Hygion -- BRAND only, sub-brand of TMWellness, laundry and dish detergent
  • TM University -- BRAND only, trains users to use ThanksMatrix
So out of the 12 things listed as "business partners", 5 are real US companies (eSolutionTG, ThanksDigit, TM POS INC, TMWellness) including itself (hey, I guess if you want to double-dip, i.e. f*** yourself...), and all are subsidiaries (their words, not mine) of eSolutionTG. There are two that are apparently in Korea and thus unable to be verified.  The rest are brands and websites they created, not separate "partners". 

If you doubt my words, feel free to use the link above to Georgia Corporation Search and check out all the links yourself. 

Note that many of these "partners" are registered and created by the SAME PEOPLE. That in itself should make you weary, that they *want* you to think they are much larger than they really are. 


So is TresMore trustworthy?

According to TresMore, it has a dozen "business partners", and it adheres to DSA code of ethics. Remember item 13 in the first screenshot?

Except TresMore is NOT in the DSA, nor are they pending. So why would they list DSA code of ethics? Hmmm?

Out of the dozen so-called business partners (counting itself, so actually 11), one is its PARENT company, two are in Korea and thus cannot be verified, and four are fellow "subsidiaries" and has no direct business partnership. The rest are not even companies, but merely brands owned by parent companies or other "brother" subsidiaries.

THAT in itself should tell you this company is not trustworthy.

In the next installment, we will look at the inconsistencies of TresMore, and why its business model makes zero sense.

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  1. Hi ,thanks for the info. They are actively recruiting for members in malaysia. Promising cashback from receipts. But members have to pay a membership fee of $590. Waiting for part2 of your investagations. Thank you once again!!