Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why should you trust your upline if s/he is making money off of you whether you fail or succeed?

From when you're but a wee little toddler, you've probably been taught some (or all of the following):

  • Don't take candy from creepy people
  • Don't take health advice from tobacco company
  • Don't take money advice from loan company
  • Don't take ethical advice from the Devil

So why do so many MLMers take business and money advice from their upline?

Think about it, In each of the scenarios above, it's basically inmates running the prison, or fox guarding the henhouse... There's an ETHICAL conflict in the scenario.

But, but you say, my upline *wants* me to succeed because if I succeed, s/he earns more, and so do I! How can this be an ethical conflict?

But that's because you fail to see the situation from your upline's perspective, but rather, from the MLM myth it perpetuates about itself.

Let's see it from your upline's perspective....

While your upline would LOVE for you to succeed, let's face it, 90-99% of MLMers fail to make a living doing so. In fact, most of them fail to make ANY profit.'s own figures from 2014 shows that average participant sold less than $2000 worth of stuff the whole year.  That's revenue, not profit. Average Amway IBO makes less than $200 a month in 2013. According to Herbalife, 88% of their distributors (estimated to be about 3.8 million people total) received ZERO commission in 2012.

Assuming your leader makes 5% of what you make, that's a pittance since you're starting below average, and when the average was already low, it'd be practically NOTHING.

So your leader CANNOT expect you to succeed. Hope, yes. Expect, no.

It'd be STUPID for your leader to expect you to succeed.

So why do leaders need new people like you?

So you will BUY stuff. (Preferably, every month, on autoship)

Your upline makes money when you BUY stuff, not when you sell stuff. Whether you sell it or consume it; whether you give it away or dump them in the trash; your purchase put money in your upline's pocket, whether you make any profit (or not). Once you bought the stuff, your upline no longer needs you (until next month, because your upline needs the quota filled to stay qualified).

Ah, but you ask, isn't that the same?

No, the motivation is different. Why do you think the leaders are always doing group events? So they can recruit several people at the same time.  It's easier recruiting several people, most of whom who will never succeed, rather than giving individual attention to someone who probably will not succeed (despite showing some potential and ambition).

Give 1 hour presentation and recruit 4 people, or spend 1 hour with ONE person who may or may not succeed. The choice is clear: group events, as many gullible noob sheeple as they can find.

That includes you.

They call it team building. What it really is: build up a loyal customer base, who don't even realize they are buying, because the "customers" all believe themselves to be businessmen who are selling.

And if you joined MLM, the only way for you to succeed is to do exactly the same thing: recruit a lot of noobs (like you once were) and make them into YOUR customers, by telling them the fiction that they will succeed... by cloning you... go out and recruit a lot of noobs (like them cloning you).

And the cycle repeats.

Black is white. Truth is lie. This is so Orwellian 1984, isn't it?

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