Monday, October 10, 2016

Bad Argument: Flip the Burden of Proof

One of the most often tactics used by bad arguers is refuse to prove anything, even when you prompt them "where's the proof?"  Instead, they claim it is YOUR responsibility to give THEM proof that they're right.

Hilarious, right? Yet that's exactly what happened here.

K.S. : So provide evidence to prove him (Dave Ramsey) wrong. Where is it?

C.M. : Thousands of millionaires

K.S. : Citing please, or is that you just spitballing?

C.M. : Use Google, it's easy. do not be lazy.

K.S. : Sorry, telling people to "Google It" is not a valid answer to "citings please". You claimed it, so it is your job to provide evidence to support what YOU wrote. So it is YOU being lazy. Try again.

Here's a screencap of the whole thing.

There is no further answer from C.M.

Bad arguers don't have facts. They have FEELINGS, they have "truthiness", as Stephen Colbert say it. Like C.M. here, they will attempt to flip the burden of proof.

Remember the rule:

You claim it, you prove it. 

Don't let them flip the burden onto you. 

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  1. Proving MLM is easily done with income disclosures and basic math. Defending MLM is always done with anecdotal stories and claims that cannot be verified. I think the reason for that is quite clear.