Sunday, February 7, 2016

Scam Tactic: Deny everything, make up some other reasonable sounding reasons

When confronted with truth that contradicts their world view, MLMers often resort to denial, i.e. "that can't possibly be true". It's motivated reasoning, i.e. thinking with your heart, not with your head, and that means impulsive rather than logical decisions.

After the denial, then some alternate explanations was supplied with no proof in order to justify the view.

Recently on BehindMLM I encountered a perfect example of such.

On Feb 6th, 2016, commenter B.F. wrote on BehindMLM that MLM "Kyani" was "kicked out of the Norwegian direct selling organization (Direktesalgsforbundet) for using illegal health claims in the official marketing."

Less than 24 hour later, commenter "MLMexec" replied "Kyäni was not kicked out of the Norwegian DSA because of illegal marketing. They were trial members for a year and weren’t accepted as full members because Eqology and Zinzino joined forces to vote against it."

But is that true?

It's true that both Zinzino and Eqology are European MLMs (Zinzino is based in Sweden, right next door to Norway, and Eqology is Norwegian). So it's certainly possible both are members of the  Direktesalgsforbundet. It's possible, but that is not proof.

Searching on Google for Kyani and Direktesalgsforbundet yielded this post:
Kyäni ble ikke tatt opp som medlem i Direktesalgsforbundet!
Styret i Direktesalgsforbundet valgte og ikke ta opp Kyäni som fullverdig medlem i Direktesalgsforbundet på medlemsmøtet den 14. november 2013.
Dette grunnet deres helsepåstander og måte de markedsfører sine produkter på. Dette er ikke i henhold til EU direktiver og Norske lover. I tillegg har de markedsført produkter i Norge som ikke er i henhold til Mattilsynets forskrifter.
Which autotranslates to (use Google, Facebook's translation kinda sucks):
Kyäni was not admitted as a member of the Direct Selling Association!
The Board of Trade Association selected and not take up Kyäni as a full member of the Direct Selling Association in membership meeting on November 14, 2013.
This is due to their health claims and way they market their products. This is not in accordance with EU directives and Norwegian laws. In addition, they have marketed products in Norway that is not in accordance with Food Safety regulations.
And yes, I checked, this is indeed authentic post from DSA Norway's official facebook account. Click through and see for yourself.

So MLMExec was wrong, and B.F. was right... Kyani wasn't even good enough to join DSA in its native country.

But would you have known that, if you had not done additional research? Depends on which side you already agree with.

If you don't like Kyani, you'd probably accept BF was right and MLMExec was just spreading conspiracy trial balloons. If you do like Kyani, you're probably mad B.F. was spreading "lies" about Kyani.

Will this have changed your mind? Probably not. If you don't like Kyani, learning the facts only reinforces your view. And if you do like Kyani, you'll probably still be sore that Kyani wasn't accept and will CONTINUE to insist it wasn't Kyani's missteps that led to its dismissal, but some sort of conspiracy where its competitors forced it out.

But the facts are facts. DSA Norway's official position is Kyani is not good enough to join, not some conspiracy.

The problem is you have to seek out such information, rather than take someone else's word for it.

So, why don't you? I can't and won't do all your research for you. As Morpheus said in The Matrix, "I can only show you the door."

The rest is up to you.

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