Friday, August 1, 2014

News Update 01-AUG-2014: Zeek Refund Coming 30-SEP-2014; More Zeek Winners Get Sued; Zeek Heads Reach More Settlements

Yep folks, this is turning into an all Zeek Rewards Ponzi aftermath update. And yes, I have links, which you should ALWAYS CHECK to make sure I'm reporting stuff accurately. (And if you don't see links, ask)

Zeek Refund Round 1 May Be Coming 30-SEP-2014

According to court documents as reported by ASDUpdates, Judge Mullens has approved the first distribution of refunds for Zeek Rewards, tentatively scheduled for 30-SEP-2014

Stay tuned to the Zeek Rewards Receivership website for actual announcement. Speaking of which...

More Zeek Winners Get Sued

In 30-JUL-2014 update, Receiver Ken Bell announced that he is starting up a new class action lawsuit against the "net winners" who have profited by 1000 or more dollars, and have NOT settled with the receiver's office. There are almost 10000 of them. They have until 18-AUG-2014 to respond. The "top winners" will be used as examples ("class representatives") to show the rest are similar albeit in a smaller scale.

No word on suing people outside of the US. Receiver's office is apparently coordinating with various international lawfirms and law enforcement outside of US on this matter, based on previous updates. No word on how that is progressing.

Zeek "Insiders" reach settlement with Receiver's office

According to documents filed with the Court, the top three at Zeek Rewards, namely Paul Burks, Dawn Wright-Olivares, and Daniel Olivares, have agreed to a $600 million judgement 'to be satisfied with majority of their assets' in order to settle receiver claims against them.

Some million dollar "net winners" have filed counterclaims, claiming various alleged technicalities such as jurisdiction. The claims are so absurd, the receiver filed ONE "consolidated response" against all of these probably bogus claims.

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