Thursday, April 24, 2014

TelexFree News Update, April 24, 2014: Claim process starts (DO NOT FILE YET!), more investigation in Dominican Republic, and more legal motions

A flurry of news for past 24 hours, but all of them small. Here's the summary:

TelexFree Bankruptcy will Continue in Nevada for Now, Claim Deadline Set

Bankruptcy judge in Nevada has allowed the bankruptcy proceedings to continue for now (on an interim basis), with another court date for May 2nd among the parties such as TelexFree, SEC, and US Trustees. KCC has been appointed interim claims and noticing agent to handle paperwork. 

As a result of this appointment, court also has set tentative dates, including a "341 Meeting" (named for the bankruptcy law section) for May 22nd, and claim deadline of August 20.  The debtors will be present and if you are a creditor, there may be an opportunity to question the principles of TelexFree. 

The "341 Meeting" will take place May 22, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. in the Jury Assembly Room of the Lloyd D. George U.S. Courthouse in Las Vegas, Nevada

Any and all claims *must* be filed with the claim agent. Absolutely DO NOT file the claim with the court itself.  Jordan "Ponzitracker" Maglich will have a guide on how to fill out the claim and where to send it and it will be linked from here when it is published. You can wait a few days!


ANALYSIS: Do not file any claims yet. Wait until after May 2nd at least. You don't even know if the claims will be staying in Nevada just yet. By then a guide to fill out the claim will be published.

TelexFree and SEC file a flurry of motions and briefs

TelexFree is arguing that bankruptcy would trump some parts of the TRO. This will be decided in Nevada court on May 2nd.   (SEC asked for April 30th, but judge took TelexFree's side and gave both May 2nd).

SEC's arguing that the case belongs in Massachussetts, where the creditors and the principal all reside. This will be heard on May 2nd.

The individual defenders, such as Labriola, Crosby, and so on have entered their own motions to fight the TRO. On Friday, April 25th, court in Massachussetts will decide whether the TRO will be made permanent.

You can read a full list of motions and order on


ANALYSIS: May 2nd seem to be the big day. Wait until then.

Dominican Republic Authorities Expand TelexFree investigation

Dominican authorities, including anti-money laundering unit, National Prosecutor, and Superintendency of Securities, will coordinate efforts to trace the money of victims in Dominican Republic, which is believed to be tens of millions of pesos. They promised to track down the top promoters and find out where the money went, and if it did indeed left the country, will seek US help to retrieve the money. 

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  1. Many people who got gilted by Telexfree
    are not living in Massachusetts and I hope that our interest will not be disregarded by
    any jurisdiction that handle matter. I am in Florida under my loss is no less egregious and painful.

    1. SEC brief says there are victims in 20-30 states, plus multiple foreign countries.