Monday, March 3, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: ZeekRewards receiver filed civil suit against "insiders" and net winners

According to, Zeek Rewards receiver Ken Bell has filed lawsuit against the "net winners" of Zeek Rewards, alleging that they had long conspired to defraud others. This includes all of the major players in Zeek Rewards, including Paul "The Singing Magician" Burks, Dawn "HippieDiva" Wright-Olivares, Alex "I married Dawn" deBrantes, Dan "CIO? Me?" Olivares, and Darryle "Who? Me?" Douglas, as well as the estate of the late Roger Anthony Plyler.

This is a separate lawsuit from the charges filed by the SEC, and it is unknown if other agencies will bring criminal charges against the heads of the largest Ponzi scheme (in number of victims) in US History.

More details on BehindMLM

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