Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: WCM777 / KINGDOM777 switched names again, now Global Unity or QianXi, depending on who you ask

Various reports in Spanish from WCM777 adherents reported that WCM777, which had earlier renamed itself Kingdom 777 after it was outlawed on multiple continents, has renamed itself yet again to "Global Unity".

Again, there's a plethora of names. Some other names associated with Global Unity is "QianXi",  the Chinese name 千禧)Millenium City, and the Chinese name 千禧城.

There are some rumors that Ming Xu may have purchased an empty lot in SoCal and is giving "virtual shares" of that "opportunity" to participants of Global Unity, as relayed by various Spanish-speakers.

However, new of Ming Xu's law violations have made it to the Latino population. Telemundo 39 in DFW area of Texas (that's Dallas - Ft. Worth) has a special video report.


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