Saturday, December 28, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Zeek Ponzi "Determination of Claim" letters going out now

Zeek Rewards Receiver Ken Bell has released a new letter on the official website dated 27-DEC-2013.

Determination of Claims basically confirms that you have a claim against Zeek Rewards (i.e. it owes you money). How much you will get back depends on how much he was able to claw back from the net winners... 15000 of them, 9000 of whom live in the US.

Even if you don't receive one (and as first batch is going out, and it'll take the remainder of the year just to finish the first batch)  that does not mean you don't have a claim. Some claims are harder than others to document and verify. If you have met the deadline to file your claim on the official website, you will eventually get a notice.

Here's some most interesting facts:

More facts about Zeek Rewards ponzi and the receivership process

  • About 15000 net winners  (9000 domestic, 6000 foreign)
  • Total amount is over $800 million dollars soaked in just over two years (SEC recently used the term $850 million, up from $700 million reported earlier)
  • Victims should be able to get back roughly half of their money
  • Top ten net domestic winners of Zeek have each received AT LEAST 900000 dollars. Top net winner got $1.8 million. They will be sued via clawback.
  • Total amount held by domestic net winners... about $200 million.  
  • Foreign net winners has another tens of millions... Bell is contemplating how many of them to sue. 
  • There are many bogus claims filed
  • Some net winners also filed claims of losses
If you haven't settled, there's still a little time left. 

Or you can live like a fugitive out of the country, like some net winners claimed they will do. 

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