Sunday, August 25, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: NY AG sues Trump and Trump University. Who's Next?

Donald Trump enters the Oscar De LA Renta Fash...
Donald Trump, who's getting sued
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New York's Attorney General have just announced a lawsuit against Donald Trump and Trump University, alleging fraud. Attendees paid thousands for "real estate investment lessons" from instructors hand-picked by Trump himself, supposedly, though vast majority have yet to complete a single transaction, according to NYAG.

Trumps reaction is indignant, and he countered with allegations that NY AG is running an extortion scam on him, abusing his power of office to retaliate against Trump who apparently didn't donate enough to his campaign (elected in 2010).

Frankly, this is a very simple pattern of alleged fraud... And quite popular. Find a field. The field had to be complicated enough and variable enough that you can always pointed at a few success stories and say "it worked for them, you must be doing it wrong." Line up a bunch of "instructors", promote the heck out of the free seminars, celebrity would be great. Do a bunch of FREE seminars, but they're just teasers to sell the books and upsell them on $2500 special long seminars of dubious value.

Possibly applicable fields? Internet income, multi-level marketing, real estate, precious metal, forex, etc. Anything that involves making lots of money by doing little, that's for sure.

You can also going at this with graduated levels... Start offering FREE seminars... but they're just teasers for your full day seminars that cost $500. But the full day seminars are really just teasers for your full WEEKEND seminars that cost $2500.  Yes, I'm hinting toward some famous "Robert", whom I've mentioned him many times on this blog. He also co-wrote a book with Trump. Yes, THAT one.

Actually, this pattern would apply to a certain network headed by a "Dave" as well. Except that "free" thing costs $25 a month.

You can also cut the cycle short by self-promoting a book you wrote yourself (probably with a bit of help), where you claim to have made a fortune in that exotic field, and now you want to teach everybody to make money like you did... If they will buy your book and/or pay for your lessons. Come attend a FREE seminar? I think a certain "Dean" tried it this way.

Selling nothing for something, then upsell you to something more expensive... That's the mark of an excellent marketer... And borderline fraud. And from there, it's but a minor shuffle to full frontal fraud.

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