Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fast Decision or Accurate Decision, but not both

Previously we have covered how time pressure is an integral part of most scams. While this is seemingly obvious, now there seems to be some scientific proof, based on an article published recently.

The extremely short summary:  instead of one whole brain doing both fast and accurate, there seem to be separate areas of the brain involved with fast decisions, vs. accurate decisions.

In other words, the faster you need to make a decision, the more likely you are to make a mistake.

This study was done with monkeys, but human brain is similar enough that this points to an interesting area of study in the future.

Previously, we have also covered how does a person actually evaluate risk / reward, and how does a scammer tamper with the process.

This is yet ANOTHER way to tamper with your decision making process... by adding a time pressure component, they forced you to use a DIFFERENT area of the brain that is NOT for accurate decision making, which is to their advantage.

Thus, haste does make waste.

Beware. Beware.

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