Sunday, August 5, 2012

Why This Blog Exists

Neo (The Matrix)
Neo (The Matrix)
Does he know all the doors he can go through?
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When I offer criticism of something as big and as pervasive, and as PERSONAL as multi-level marketing, I expected to encounter a lot of flak, much like a B-17 Bomber encountered over WW2 Germany.

What's interesting is even though most of my criticism are leveled at pseudo-MLM scams that disguised themselves as MLM companies, quite a bit of the flak is from "defenders" of the legal MLMs out there, somehow believing that I am bashing their "opportunity".

It is no surprise that many passionate defenders of their "pet scheme", whatever their reason, decided to share their opinion of my life, my hygiene, my mental status, and so on and so forth instead of trying to address the issues I raised regarding their pet scheme. Indeed, that was why I started this blog, to catalog the bad arguments and insults they used.

A common question among these defenders seems to be "why are you doing this?" Though they really meant it as a rhetorical question, since they already have an answer, such as
  • "You must be employed by our competitor", 
  • "You are just out to get hits for your blog", 
  • "You must be bitter from your prior failures in MLM" 
  • "Why don't you get a life?"
  • and so on and so forth. 
But the real reason is actually quite simple.

I do this because I wish to open your mind.

Remember in the Matrix (1999), Morpheus told Neo

I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.

I wish to show you another door, revealing something you may not know before, or even that it existed.

Whether you choose to walk through this "new door", or the one you had intended to go through previously, is up to you.

You now have a choice, that you did not before.

Those who do NOT want you to learn about the choice... ever ask THEM why are they doing what they do? Why do they NOT want you (or themselves) to think about choices?

Is ignorance really bliss?

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