Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BAD EXAMPLE: Yes, Ponzi pays, so what?

In this whole blog I have analyzed many comments, but mostly in the abstract sense. Some have asked why haven't you analyzed real comments. So here's a first... real comment analyzed.

His comments will be in blue, my rebuttal / analysis will be in red.  I will also be redacting words to make sure no identifying info can be inferred.

Aloha from [redacted]. What you all seem to be missing is that this business is [sic] awsome. Everything is fair! It is communism, socialism and capitalism all at once. Someone with no money at all can start...Yes only need to find 2 people to sponsor and you get [sic] upgrated to "silver" then your free bonus of 100 turns into real cash after 60 days.
"Find two people to sponsor, and see your free bonus of 100 (points) turn into real cash after 60 days" Sounds like he's talking about a PYRAMID SCHEME, doesn't it? Where does the money COME FROM? Hmmm? What's so fair about a system where money comes out of nothing? 
We know a [redacted] in january 2012 who only put in $ 100 and paid a $ 10 per month. She did not talk to anyone about this business and now has $ 2200 real money in there.
"Only put in $100"... what happened to free? How many people did she recruit / sponsor? How many of *those* people put in their money? And where exactly is this "$2200 real money in there"? Is it 2200 "points"? 

If she takes her daily earning of 1.5% a day out as cash
Daily earning of 1.5%... only Ponzi schemes promise that sort of return consistently.  
she will have $ 2500 in her pocket.
There's the admission... that 2200 is in POINTS, not money. It will take at least 67 days for her to convert that into real pocketable cash. (2200 points at 1.5% daily)  Why is this NOT a Ponzi scheme? Where is the money coming from? 
Excuse me but where else can you do this? Start with nothing and have $ .Start with $ 100 and have $ 2500...
In a scam, usually. "Affirming the consequent" fallacy. 
She talked to me because I talk to her about it having just found out 3 weeks ago. I then has a client who started one year ago with ONLY $ 400 but he shared this with 8 people he is now making about $ 3800 a month taking 20% out every day.
There goes the admission again... You can really only take out 20%, not 100%. So that 2200 points? You can only take out $6.67 per day. It will take... 11 MONTHS to get $2200 out at that rate. 

So it's clear that $3800 a month is in POINTS, not cash. 

O yes...We did join too. I analyse this business from top to bottom and I concluded like any sane person that this business model is honest and fair in everyway.
Except for the part about no known income... other than what the participants put in. Somehow, to this person, as long as you put in money, the money just magically grows and he can get a share. And he claims to have ANALYZED such a business from top to bottom? 

Apparently "too good to be true" is not one of the criteria, nor "potentially illegal". 
Keep in mind the "elite " does not want people to be free from the slavery of work. I see [redacted] as a liberating force and rewarding a new kind of [sic] entreprenorship .
Ah, the "conspiracy of the rich" fallacy.
How many of you reading this are [sic]waisting your time posting on face book...and not getting paid a penny. For thoses who do not join...I say : life is more than money...but this could change your FREEDOM. I am so happy I did join and I already see the results + I shared with 25 people and 22 joined already. I even has a salesman call me ...I turned him into a [redacted] happy person posting an add. I tell you ust try it...even $ 100 buck ...it will be the best money you will spend. What would you rather do...spend it drinking, smoking....Wake up this is REAL. I don't [sic] thing it will go away...unless it is shut down [sic] becasue too many people are getting free from the slavery of working for the elite.
More "conspiracy of the rich" along with "it paid me" fallacy. 

It's clear that the arguer can't argue his way out of a paper bag. 

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