Thursday, July 19, 2012

Signs that Your MLM may NOT be a good opportunity

A list of warning signs for a MLM that would be, well, NOT good for you to join. We've covered some of the signs individually, but here is an excerpt

Warning Signs about the Products

You should get out of (or never get into) a scheme when...
... the margin on the product is so low, there is no profit for you (but there is some for the company and your upline)
... the product is a "meatball sundae", i.e. a horrible combination that no one in their right mind would buy
... the product is untested and who knows what it'll do if you use it long-term (esp. anything you ingest or apply to your body)
... the product is so generic anybody can make it (and indeed, many are already in the market)
... the product is so boring, nobody cares about it, even you
... the product is bleh, it's just the compensation plan that's exciting
... you're not selling the products... you are BUYING the products and giving them away in order to get paid. (i.e. you're spending money to make money, not working for money)

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  1. could you recommend some opportunities or company which you think would make an average Joe a profit?

  2. Honestly, no. There are two main reasons

    1) I haven't seen one

    2) If I recommend anything any "haterz" will pounce on it claiming I am biased. :) Actually they already do, but then, that's because they *are* "haterz".

    I can only recommend you not join anything that resembles a scam. The rest is up to you.