Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What harm can your interest in income opportunity do? Quite a bit, actually.

There are a few readers who insist that it is perfectly safe to share their personal information with a certain company who won't even reveal their executives' names or their owner's names, not to mention they legally exist in three states, so you don't even know who to sue if you *do* want to sue them some day. Their reply to all this concern is usually: what harm can it do?

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Maybe you should read this story on The Verge, where they tracked a couple victims of Internet Marketing scam to all the perps and their mastermind. The victims started innocently with signing up for "free information" and ended on somebody's "sucker list" to be marketed with additional sh__ and other scams. He's paralyzed (physically) and was hoping to EARN money. He's now out of TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. 

Scamworld: Get Rich Schemes mutate into an online monster

As people who fell for this "company" handed over all their contact info, and is now being requested to hand over a scan of their PHOTO ID (in the interest of "weeding out fakers") they are now in danger of identify theft in addition being added to some mailing list as a potential sucker for every sort of scheme out there. 

Think about that the next time you join one of these "opportunities". 
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