Monday, June 18, 2012

The "legitimacy through association" fallacy

One way a suspect opportunity can appear to be more legit is by plastering name brands all over itself.

Recently, a suspect opportunity called Wazzub launched a "portal" called PerfectInternet. I and others has long suspected the legitimacy of Wazzub, and I have written a long analysis about it.

On May 31st, I found one Wazzub defender's 'fervor' to be rather surprising, as he thought every brand name on this Perfect Internet is some sort of a legitimate "partnership". Before we go on, I'll show you a screenshot of the Perfect Internet with a few bits highlighted.

Very little original content belong to Perfect Internet (PI from now on), just look at all those brand names!

So it was no surprise when a Wazzub-ie came in and demanded "respect" because of all the brand names. PI put them up! It must be legit! It must be exclusive! It must be special!

Ryan Wrote:
sites like ebay and amazon have partnered with Wazzub,you can go and check yourself Wazzub-PI(Perfect Internet) Is 100% Legit.
1. eBay have partnered with PI.
2. First Page Google Search have partnered with PI
3. Groupon have partnered with PI
4. Reuters News partnered with PI
5. partnered with PI
This are all huge and established Companies already making Billions of $$. Why would they want to partner with PI if PI is not credible or is not of a certain Status?
This will be proof enough to show you that PI (WAZZUB) is credible and to be respected and they are not here to take from you but will share with you the profit, 50% that is.
With this lets put the issue to rest. PI “WAZZUB” has already proofed what its capable of doing.
Don’t even think you can simply take this site’s eBay, amazon, Google etc and put them on your sites, they will sue you. It can only be done with a legal contract.

Apparently Ryan have NO IDEA how eBay, StartPage, Reuters, and Amazon actually works. I have NO IDEA where he got Groupon. I guess he misconstrued the MediaPlex ads at the lower right hand corner.

So I posted a rebuttal.

1. eBay have partnered with PI.
Wrong. That’s the eBay-to-go widget that ANYBODY can install on their website as eBay “affiliate”. In fact, the “create your own” link is in the lower right corner box, which goes to
2. First Page Google Search have partnered with PI
Wrong. search box is free to use by anybody on their website.
3. Groupon have partnered with PI
No they did not. All you saw is an affiliate link through Mediaplex web ads.
4. Reuters News partnered with PI
Wrong. That’s a Flash-based RSS scroller. You can do it yourself through Reuter’s RSS feed
5. partnered with PI
No they didn’t. That’s Amazon affiliates, free to join:
You misconstrued their relationship. ANYBODY with a website can join. It’s not a partnership. if I put up a Microsoft search box that lets you search Microsoft downloads, does that mean I am “partnering” with Microsoft? No!
You are reading FAR TOO MUCH out of a few affiliate links that anybody can get for free.

It is surprising what people would say without any fact-checking... 
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