Monday, March 3, 2014

Found This Pix on Reddit: VERY appropriate

Actual Advice Mallard says:
If you have to pay anything up front before you start a job, you're a customer, no an employee. 
Isn't it surprising that so many MLMers fail to realize this, and manage to convince themselves that they are "entrepreneur" instead?


  1. First Entrepreneurs are not looking for a job, that is why they are entrepreneurs, because they don't want to settle being a employee. Second do you think Microsoft started without paying anything up front? It's a business stupid! Not a job! Third who wants to be a F@#%^ employee? Oh yeah you do! MLM is network marketing which is the same structure as an corporation. Having smart people to run your business, the issue is your not smart so you can't run a business to make the money, so you come on this blog to hate on the successes of entrepreneurs!

  2. If you bark up a tree, can you at least bark up the right tree?

    Joining a MLM is NOT entrepreneurship. Joining a MLM means you're a self-employed salesperson with delusion of entrepreneurship. In fact, you file MLM income with 1040 Schedule SE (self-employment) (unless you form your own corp for tax deductions).

    The issue is actually you've been forced-fed too much crap info that you're ignoring reality. MLM / network marketing is a type of marketing (like retailing, direct selling, telemarketing, etc.), not a type of business structure, so call it "same structure as a corporation" is complete crap comparison.

    Add that to your ad hominem attack of "you can't start a business" only proves that you don't know what you're talking about.