Friday, November 22, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: WCM777 admits being an ILLEGAL US business, may be involved in insulting Muslims?

Following message appeared on WCM777's Hong Kong website
...However, because the sale of securities failed to fully comply with laws and regulations in United States, our operations in the U.S. will be on hold until further notice...
This is a full out admission... almost a full week after the sanctions by US State of Massachusetts had been made public (despite the notice back in September)  that WCM777 is illegal fraud; telling people it's NOT securities when it surely is securities.

Frankly, WCM777 had admitted such back when it closed its US branch in Southern California, as previously reported, almost two MONTHS ago.

And it's also interesting that they left in September... At the same time they'd been investigated by Massachusetts.

Why leave when you don't even know the results? The obvious conclusion is WCM777 *knew* they're illegal, even before they saw the settlement with state of Massachusetts.

Shouldn't WCM777 have halted US operations back in September, instead of now? Did they just admit that they operated illegally for another 2 months? 

But there is even MORE bizarre behavior... Such as claiming to have "founded" a TV station ALREADY founded years ago... and one involved in a MAJOR religious controversy!

On Nov 19th, Ming Xu tweeted:
The problem is "The Way TV" was ALREADY founded years ago by a Christian organization called Media For Christ as a satellite TV Channel.

Media for Christ and The Way TV was involved in international controversy a year ago when it was somehow drawn into the controversial anti-Islam film "The Innocence of Muslims". Media for Christ owner Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih, claimed that the film's producer, introduced as "Sam Bassile", a Coptic Christian from Egypt, same as Nassralla, wanted to make a movie, tentatively titled "Desert Warrior". Nassralla claimed he was kind to Bassile and let him used the facilities, and was completely betrayed.

EDIT: In the photo above, the gentleman on the left has been tentatively identified as Joseph Nassralla himself. Feel free to Google Joseph Nassralla photos for yourself and make up your own mind.

Bassile's real name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. The film's actors were paid by Media for Christ charity checks, and film permit pointing to Media for Christ's address. When the film was apparently redubbed and released with completely different plot due to heavy editing and brand-new dialog with the sole purpose of insulting Muslims, including Prophet Mohammed, there was a HUGE outcry around the world, with several terrorist acts and massive bloody protests committed against Western facilities in the Middle East and other Islamic territories. Nassralla claimed complete innocence, that he was duped like all the actors, and soon in 2012 after the controversy closed the TV channel and the charity.

Many believe that Nassralla is the real mastermind and "Bassille" is merely a fall guy.

Why would Ming Xu pick such an INFAMOUS name for his Christian TV Channel when he already operates "Manna TV" is uncertain. But it's clear that if Ming Xu wanted controversy, he will get it.

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  1. EDITOR'S NOTE: Previously "Sam Bassile" was misidentified as "John Bassile". It has been corrected. And the tentative ID of the gentleman on the far left, next to Ming Xu, is apparently Joseph Nassralla himself, and the certificate he held apparently does say "The Way TV"