Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MUST READ FOR MLM-ERS: What CAN You Say (and NOT say) In Online Ads

Ever created your own capture page, online ad, website, banners, and so on, for your "online business"?

Did you just throw in whatever you think would capture a click, or are you aware of the LEGAL implications of what you write?

Oh, but you're thinking, there are LEGAL implications?

Of course there are, silly. Else you can be charged with false advertising, making deceptive claims, and not only get yourself in trouble (such as termination of your enrollment in the company), you may even get the company in trouble for allowing you to make such schemes!

Never happen, you say? Don't be a moron. FTC have gone after PLENTY of people who made bogus claims, and others have sued companies for allowing their affiliates to make such claims. Mannatech was sued by multiple Nobel laureates for letting its affiliates falsely associate the Nobel laureate to Mannatech products. Kevin Trudeau was sued multiple times by FTC for making fake claims selling various products.

Ah, but you ask... What do you need to know?

I'll bet this is something one of you or your uplines would know! They can't help you (probably).

What you need to do is read this article from Kevin Thompson:

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