Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zeek 2013 update: same people, same fraud, different biz

My "good friend" Robert Craddock was spotted pushing "Offer Hubb", which claims to sell ads, and promise to share profits from ad sales... esp if people who "pre-purchased" ad packs for resale to businesses.

Hey, doesn't that sounds JUST LIKE "Ad Surf Daily"?

What other warning signs are there regarding "Offer Hubb"?  BehindMLM did some basic fact-checking, and came up with the following:
  • Offer Hubb is a virtual company with address listed in an outfit in Wyoming known to investigators as home of THOUSANDS of corporations, which only exists as mailboxes.
  • It's headed by a "David Flynn" which is a name popular enough that it cannot be researched effectively.
  • It's pushed by the SAME Zeek top earners, including Jerry Napier, Trudy Gilmond, and O H Brown.
  • Its video is produced by USHBB, the SAME company that did video promos for various suspect schemes, including Zeek Rewards, Ad Surf Daily, Narc that Car, and many others. 
  • USHBB is headed by O. H. Brown, who's ALSO a Zeek affiliate, and once referred to as "employee" and "official rep" on Zeek's support forum. 
If these aren't enough warning signs for you, you are probably blind and deaf.

But there's more.

You may have heard that Zeek Rewards receiver Ken Bell have done a conference call on Monday, and he had shared quite a few bits of news. One of which is he opposes the appointment of examiner.

An examiner cannot represent all the victims... because there are two groups with opposing interests: the "winners", and the "losers". It is the receiver's job to take money from the winners to make everybody equal. Thus, an examiner would only slow down the receiver by duplicating his job, albeit with opposite interests.

In other words, if they want to duplicate the receiver's job, they can do so themselves... by paying for it themselves, instead of being paid by the Zeek estate, esp. since they mostly represent the winners. They can sure afford it. :D  Kettner and Sorrells alone got nearly $2 mil out of Zeek.

UPDATE: SEC has filed a motion against the appointment of examiner, pointing out that Craddock had solicited money from the people in order to push an agenda contrary to their best interests.


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